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CITO BASICplus Product Launch

A new version of the CITO creasing matrix is launched get recently highlighted. It contains plastic shoulders that were developed in a continuous dialog with users by the R&D team. In practical tests, the consumers are motivated by the excellent quality and outstanding product features. 

CITO BASICplus has been confirmed to meet all packaging manufacturers ‘ specifications for a cost-effective job creation solution. It provides the best quality features that the Sharp edge labeling and color-coding to make it more user-friendly. The additional flat sharp corners are used to allocate the sheet perfectly made them more simple to handle. It is the perfect product for both limited to medium runs. Most attractive thing is that it has convincing money-value. So be persuaded of CITO BASICplus ‘ new experience! IK, MINI, Off-center, RYU, and a double Crease are eligible in amazing range and updated versions.



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