Anvil covers and no crush wheels


Anvil Covers

Our unique urethane compounds are proven to give you maximum product lifespan, enhanced die cut quality and a cover that is quick and easy to mount, saving valuable production time.

POLICART anvil covers – Delivering the ultimate reliability and value.

The composition of the raw materials and the fabrication methods are conditional for the ultimate quality of the finished product. POLICART anvil covers are proved over the many accounts all over the world to provide for a good die cutting quality.

Anvil Covers

No-Crush Wheels & Feeding Wheels

Manufactured to exceed OEM specifications with the highest quality polyurethane. Our feed wheels are designed to increase friction contact with the paper board, our range will ensure a high level of feed stability whist maintaining the highest levels of longevity.

Policart supplies the whole range of feed wheels for virtually every kind of feed table, most popular feed wheels are available from stock.

Customized solutions and hardness from 25 to 70 shores available.

No crush wheels studied by our technicians to avoid damaging the cardboard. Wheels and spare parts for feeding unit.

No-Crush  Wheels &  Feeding Wheels

Stitchflap Anvil Covers and Counter Creasers

Policart stitchflap anvil covers are available in a wide range of shapes and references for most of the machines in the market.

Stitchflap Anvil Covers and Counter Creasers

With an Italian tradition and passion for delivering performance, style and quality in an all red package

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