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Water Based Lamination

Our latest development in water based equipment, offering the same reliability of the famous Aqua 110 in a smaller sheet size and smaller footprint: the same advantages in a smaller space!

Since its first presentation in 2011, many units have been already sold to important national and international customers who appreciate its versatility and compactness.


PUR Lamination

This is the fastest and the largest PUR (solventless) laminator in the world: 125 m/min.for the max sheet size of 1200x1600mm.

It can also run with thermal film as standard, while many options are available. For its uniqueness we mention, among them, the dampening system, which brings 3 important technical and economical advantages: – reduction of the amount of adhesive to coat. As known, the main advantage of the PUR technology is the lowest production cost of the lamination, thanks to the very small quantity of necessary adhesive.

The best cleaning of the sheets allows to reduce the quantity of adhesive even more: the more powerful laminating pressure helps in reducing more the coating amount. – better look of the laminated surface: smoother and nicer because paper is better cleaned; – accelleration of the curing process of the adhesive, thanks to the presence of the water. This ability of removing very well the spray poweder makes this machine suitable to laminate successfully also parfum packaging. For those customers who need to work a smaller sheet size, there is the model 102×142 in a more compact configuration. Dampening system for cleaning the spray powder and the thermal lamination are options on demand.


Thermal Lamination

Machines from size 540x760mm up to 1600x2060mm with speeds up to 110 m/min. Feature of laminators are a very performing hot blade, on request, for separating PET, metalized, embossed and other speciality films, with a very clean edge.



Through an innovative design and heavy duty frame, Ecosystem has manufactured the best silk screen press&coater available nowadays on the market.

With the ECOSCREEN 106×88 the movements of cylinder, screen carrier and squeegee are all independent, thanks to the use of servo drive motors. Many advantages result from this technical solutions and from our own high efficiency dryers suitable for UV, water based and solvent based products.


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