Advantages of CITOject F

Advantages of CITOject F

While we are packing a food material we have to cross-check whether the products are safely packed? Or the material that we used for packing is good quality or not? We need to think that what good is this if during the storage time will the corrugated board get contaminated & mix with the products?? That is why we are gradually focused on products while the type of issue came into contact during manufacturing with food and fodder packaging. For such cases, we need to think about the better solution for packing them.

For this purpose, CITO has already been operating for several years to develop special ejection materials for the process of packaging development. This concerns both profiles for specific technical uses as well as plates, as they are widely used for cutting dies. If we develop these types of materials ourselves, it is clear that we are not only concerned with both the secure use of the material in the food industry, but also with optimizing the performance during packaging die-cutting. Get some information about the die cutting tips and tricks

The packing industry’s unique specifications have been taken into consideration here:

  • Improved compressibility to minimize the cutting stress
  • faster reaction to make the cutting process smoother and to prevent production distractions
  • Reducing horizontal expansion to accommodate holding points, and also, of course
  • Lower weight to enable the carrying of cutting die

During the design of the CITO ejection products, millions of pieces of information are analyzed, data obtained directly from the packaging cutting process produced from folding boxboard and corrugated board.

The design process has included durability testing on our own simulator devices, a high-speed video cutting process study and, of course, countless realistic die-cutting device trials.

The ejection material CITOject F is one result of all these years in development work. This product is far ahead of any other elastomer; there is a significant increase in demand for this material, which was specially designed to cut dies. It needs to be noted that during its creation from the very start, CITO always considered the protection of the material for the production of food and fodder packaging.

CITOject F is a strong-quality ejection product, developed specifically for die-cutting and fulfilling the requirements of both die makers and solid and corrugated board connectors. You can also read about the CITO ultimate

CITOject F Advantages

CITOject F advantages

For the greatest requirements your products require:

  • Basic control of optical performance through color-coding.
  • Significant decrease in the machine’s cutting pressure.
  • Fewer nicks and quicker transfer of sheet;
  • minimizes interference with UV dents and age-resistant material
  • Specific positioning and elimination of the exhaust material thanks to EasyFix technology.
  • Certified as safe for the manufacture of folding boxes for packaged foods
    CITOject F is safe for the manufacture of folding cartons for packaged foods by complying with EU Regulation No 1935/2004 on food contact materials, Articles 3 as well as 17.

Advantages for the Die Maker, at a Glance:

Advantages for the Die Maker, at a Glance

  • Product color-coding eliminates the warehouse’s possibility of misunderstanding
  • The method of quality assurance can be performed simply by examining the cutting die visually.
  • Long drying times are reduced after waterjet cutters accelerate up the development flow.
  • The EasyFix self-adhesive method allows you to place and eliminate the ejection materials specifically on your cutting die so that no residues exist.
  • Throughout this process, the cutting die layer is not affected.
  • The use of activator sprays and superglue is easily prevented thanks to the EasyFix version; that, therefore, improves safety for all those who work at your facility.
  • The cutting tension in the device is minimized with CITOject F; this implies fewer nicks and quicker transfer of paper. There is a substantial reduction in intervening dents.
  • CITOject F is UV-resistant and resistant to aging.
  • The performance of your cutting die will no longer be affected by hardening or embrittlement.
  • The time-consuming preparation engaged in repeat runs is much lower.
  • If used in connection with the EasyFix self-adhesive version, the rubbering removal is becoming the play of the child.
  • The ground of the die maintains all of its characteristics.
  • CITOject F, the ejection component, is approved as safe for the manufacture of food packaging folding boxes.
  • Compliance with the EU Food Contact Materials Directive (EC No 1935/2004 Articles 3 and 17)

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