Customised Waste Evacuation Systems



Integrated into the production process

The economics of a waste evacuation system starts at the collection point direct at the production machine, i.e for grey cardboard or corrugated cardboard. To ensure total product safety, the shredding of a full size packaging sheet with misprints or quality issues is key. Customized solutions according to the requirement of the customer’s, are an integrated process in the logic chain of the entire production process.

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Graphic digital

Waste evacuation system for the Graphic Digital Industry

The paper waste and dust is collected online at the collection point of the finishing machine and transported within a closed piping system towards the waste evacuation system. In many solutions, the output is compact, stacked bails. The dusty air is filtered in the jetfilter-system and the clean air can either be transported back to the production room or outside of the building.

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