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Vpaper Tower

Turn any paper into lay-flat pages with Vpaper Tower.

The Vpaper Tower has been designed to turn your double-sided printed or printable sheets into lay-flat pages one by one. To ensure that every single sheet lays open effortlessly, Peleman Industries’ innovative technology relaxes the paper fibre through a three-step automated process. The result is a lay-flat book that is easy to read and write on.


Vpaper Tower for Photo Book Producers

When it comes to that much desired lay-flat effect, up until now, the focus has been on hardcover photo books. These, however, have long been perceived as high-priced solutions with the lay-flat finish making them even more expensive.
Not anymore! The Vpaper Tower brings you the perfect solution that ensures that photo books of all kinds, including your softcover photo books, stay open.


Vpaper Tower for Commercial Printers

Today only high-end coffee table books or photo books have the privilege to lay open nicely. Signatures must be sewn, and mass production or expensive binding techniques are required to create a real lay-flat effect. By combining three techniques, creasing, folding and pressing, the Vpaper Tower turns any paper into lay-flat pages, ensuring that all your books and publications stay open.


Vpaper Tower in Numbers

Sheets per hour               6000
Max. grammage              250gr
Paper width                     Min: 60mm
Max: 480mm
Fold length                      Min: 170mm
Max: 320mm
Max power                      1000 Watt

Vpaper Tower in Numbers

UniFoilPrinter for instant personalisation

Add a personal touch to all your products and presentations!
This easy-to-use digital printer allows you to print on any flat and smooth surface in a variety of colours.
If you are about to present your report, offer or even yourself in a meeting, with UniFoilPrinter you and your work will always stand out.
Make the right impression with personalised documents or grow your business by offering one of a kind solutions to your customers.

Lay-flat Paper Technology & Innovative Personalisation Systems

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