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TRESU FlexiPrint Basic

The TRESU FlexiPrint Basic delivers a basic, compact construction with excellent price/performance ratio. The patented TRESU E-Line clamping system for fast doctor blade change and the patented TRESU seals guarantee for an authentic quality.

  • Anilox width from 80 up to 2000 mm Anilox diameter from 60 – 400 mm
  • High quality doctoring for perfect printing
  • For water-, UV- and solvent based ink and coatings

TRESU FlexiPrint Reservoir SAVEink

The TRESU SAVEink chamber doctor blade is designed as lightweight fast-change inking system for narrow web flexo printing to help you achieve optimum performance of the printing without using an ink pump.

With shorter runs and faster turnarounds, label converters are under increased competitive pressure to eliminate waste. TRESU’s single-component SAVEink system makes an attractive option for an efficient label printing workflow, with its fast setup times, minimal maintenance requirements and capability for consistent quality at high speed.

With a short return on investment, the benefits of the TRESU chamber doctor blades are a viable and value-adding alternative to investing in a new press.

With the doctor blades in a pre-set position, and there is no need for further adjustment. The pre-set position ensures optimal anilox contact with minimal wear. An automatic indicator shows when blade replacement is necessary, so time is not wasted on unnecessary checks. Since the chambers are sealed with the patented TRESU seals, there is no risk of ink contamination and optimal pressure is maintained, to ensure foam-free printing meeting the demands of high speeds in narrow web. Available in widths up to 800mm, the TRESU FlexiPrint Reservoir SAVEink chamber may be fitted to almost any narrow web press.


TRESU FlexiPrint Reservoir

The TRESU FlexiPrint Reservoir is an enclosed inking unit for applying waterbased – UV or special ink and varnish in the printing process, compact construction with an excellent price/performance ratio. Easy-load cassette for inks and coatings and manual filling of ink or connection to an ink pump. Designed for quick change of chamber and anilox rollers.

  • Fast job change
  • Patented TRESU E-Line uniform clamping system and fast doctor blade change
  • Patented TRESU Seals

TRESU Carbon Fibre chamber

The lightweight carbon fibre chamber doctor blade system offers corrosion resistance, controlled flow and easy handling. The carbon fibre composition ensures high-strength chamber qualities and the design enables ink and coating circulation in relatively low volumes. Curved inner surfaces minimize volume, control discharge, and enable perfect cleaning and the ink-repellent surface offers extra protection against ink and detergents with high and low pH-values.

  • Pressure-control ink and coating circulation

TRESU F10 iCon with ViscoFlow

The F10 iCon is a lean, innovative solution for safe, stable and controlled ink circulation – with easy handling and increased production output. With patented TRESU ViscoFlow, the F10 iCon automatically adjusts flow, ink pressure and viscosity, providing complete ink process control and outstanding print quality. The F10 iCon eliminates the labour-intensive, time-consuming task of monitoring ink flow. An essential component in today’s lean manufacturing workflow, the F10 iCon is energy-efficient, reduces waste and downtime. It is the ideal setup for common impression (CI) printing machines with TRESU chambers, stack presses and other press configurations. The F10 iCon is also retrofittable as an upgrade of your existing equipment and works on numerous substrates.


TRESU MaxiPrint Concept

TRESU MaxiPrint Concept cuts cleaning time and improves quality consistency in Wide Web and Corrugated Flexo applications comprised of a closed chamber, an ink supply unit, and a cleaning cycle. MaxiPrint Concept offers fast, automatic internal cleaning, corrosion-resistance, improved print quality consistency and reduced ink loss.

Complete ink change and cleaning cycle within 3-5 minutes. The MaxiPrint Concept chambers feature integrated cleaning nozzles with robustly designed water-shot mechanisms, ensuring quick emptying for fast and efficient cleaning of the chamber and anilox roll, and limiting ink loss during the cleaning cycle.

Furthermore, MaxiPrint Concept offers significantly faster emptying performance because the ink/coating fluid is evacuated through both the inlet and the unique quick-emptying outlet. The Benchmark in Wide Web Flexo designed for both new OEM solutions as well as retrofit projects on existing machinery, MaxiPrint Concept is the benchmark for low ink loss, short job changeovers, and efficient cleaning in wide web flexo applications.

TRESU MaxiPrint Concept is available with a peristaltic or diaphragm ink supply system, and can be adapted to any press side according to need and access. The chambers come with a lightweight carbon-fibre (CFC) or ceramic (CFX) surface, in widths of 1600 mm to 6000 mm.

The MaxiPrint Concept features TRESU’s patented seal system that prevents leakage and interaction of the chamber contents with the atmosphere. The enclosed environment, resulting from the seal and precise blade positioning, ensures pressure and flow rate are maintained at desired levels without manual intervention. This stops air contaminating the chamber and results in foam-free transfer of ink / coating directly to the anilox cells, also at fast speeds. The TRESU P- Line pneumatic clamping system also ensures fast, safe blade exchange within two minutes.


TRESU Flexo Innovator

Lean manufacturing in high-end package converting TRESU Flexo Innovator offers the fully modular flexo machine, a custom configurated mid-web flexo printing and multi-process finishing line for folding carton, laminates, metallic substrates and paper applications. The Flexo Innovator is available in web widths from 670-1700 mm, and offers an unlimited number of print stations and numerous added-value options, including back side printing, cold foil, die-cutting, laminating, coating, embossing and sheeting. This platform provides a single-pass alternative to labour-intensive sheet-fed or CI-printing situations and allows converters a further development of customer relationships by becoming a single-source packaging supplier, especially to food retailers.

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