How the CITO Ultimate a Better Product?

How the CITO Ultimate a Better Product?

CITO ULTIMATE has the most significant size on the market and is known as the world’s leading creasing matrix. The perfect crying system for all fabrics and applications— either virgin fibre or recycled material, paper or plywood, micro-flake laminated or mixed board, completely imprinted or laminated with UV-coated or foil. The Finger-lift method is correctly managed and the knife. A high-performance film based creasing matrix is simple to cut. The flexible upper layer and the highly sharp exterior edge for enhanced sheet transfer, higher reliability of manufacturing and less reworking–a simple way to boost productivity. CITO goods represent ideal quality creation and optimal value for money.

To encourage its’ Ultimate,’ a unique flexible surface layer, Cito used drupa to make incredibly big runs possible. The plyboard processing with Cito Ultimate has already accomplished terms of up to 480.000 sheets. As the run sizes in Europe are highly uncommon, these findings have been acquired in several runs. To prevent any change in the instrument, the cutting tool has been left in the chassis. Measurement was done using the Cito Creasy scheme to allow for the accurate placement of the cutting plate.

The main characteristic of the ‘ Ultimate ‘ creasing scheme is that the creasing profile is continuously high. The cuts were measured in the order of less than 0.03 mm and were found to have a minimal deviation in the profile of the first sheet of die-cut compared with sheet number 480.000

Based on the achievements of the folding carton, Cito decided to broaden its range of products to include micro flute and corrugated board by the end of the year. The most significant factor is the remarkably consistent felt quality, not so much the possible running size. When exposed to further processing, blanks processed with ‘ Ultimate ‘ are less prone to disturbances. The findings are both greater efficiency and reduced expenses.

The ideal blend includes the’ Ultimate’ combined with the new Cito AC 3 Cutter. This new cutting technology, which automatically hovers the hollowing matrices onto the cutting surfaces, does not require further work on the cutting sheet. The European clients verified the immediate and without further processing possible usage of creating matrices cut by AC 3 Cutter. The cost saving in Germany was found to be of € 40,000 to € 50,000 per year in initial calculations for the clients. These calculations were based on 4 to 5 maceration activities per day and an average die-cutting rate of 6 to 8. Of course, this cutting technology can also be used to process Cito creasing devices.

Several folding carton producers have already envisaged working with the Cito Ultimate instead of Pertinax matrices, as in many cases there is little additional handling of the AC 3 Cutter, which is made of consistent pin quality rather than consistent pliers, “says Cito Group CEO Jürgen Mariën. He has been mainly dealing with the topic of technology creating for almost 35 years and have witnessed the introduction of several excellent practical innovations. Our new scheme is a product of years of development activity. Just how valued by our clients worldwide is the job of our development team.



CITO ULTIMATE for Higher Performance

CITO ULTIMATE, the high-performance film-based creasing scheme is an excellent illustration of this. The patented groove system provides the most substantial accessible volume on the market and is the leading groove matrix globally. The flexible layer with its solid foundation guarantees continuously elevated and continuously high creasing performance from the first to the last plate. The same circumstances are developed for every plinth due to the back-spring shoulders. In lab experiments and practice over 500,000 sheets with steady plumping quality have been generated.

CITO ULTIMATE is the best plastering system, whether it’s virgin fibres, reusables or paper, micro-flute laminated or corrugated, fully imprinted, UV-lacquered or layered, for all apps and materials. A flexible coating is provided in CITO ULTIMATE, which is inseparably applied in one manufacturing phase on a robust basis.




With this flexible layer, the first-to-finish diecut is always of high quality. Spring-back hulls guarantee that with every single mold, the same accurate circumstances occur. The manufacturing stream on the diecutter is a welcome by-product. Flexibility implies a high-quality lengthy service life. In practice, experiments were conducted with consistent quality for more than 500,000 sheets. Cutting measurements discovered almost no deviation in the fitting quality. Get some information about die cutting tips and tricks.



  • Constant hollow quality from the first to the last cut
  • Improved manufacturing flow of your die cutter through the spring-back impact of the flexible covering
  • Perfect sheet transport owing to the tight shoulders.
  • Revolutionary technical transformation enhancing technologies
  • Perfect handling by finger-lift method and simple to cut using the link
  • Long life service to ensure quality through the following steps.
  • Adhesion to the cutting plate is outstanding
  • EasyFix technology is residue-free removal.
  • All SG technology variants
  • Reduce plumage cracking
  • Ideal to repeat work or to archive with plates
  • Available in about 600 distinct dimensions and variants.


  • The flexible layer on a solid base for consistently high felt quality, even for extensive runs, from the first to the last sheet
  • Ideal in conjunction with plates for repetition work or for archiving
  • Available in approximately 600 dimensions, variants, and individual products
  • EP 15 001 869.5 European Patent Request
  • Compared to CITO PRO, it has a well-sophisticated milage.
  • Many businesses that purchase this item feel that during plummeting dust is lowered.
  • Perfect connection with the jacket and no inclination to delete during manufacturing.
  • The same distinctive quality of creasing retained all the time.
  • And because of the self-push-feature that pounds the plate in rhythm during operation, we can also operate at a high pace.



Flexibility implies a high-quality lengthy service life. In practical experiments, over 500,000 sheets with steady quality have been generated. Crease measurements efficiently identified no deviations.

All listed dimensions also available with 30 m rolling bearings. CITO ULTIMATE CMR Box content 50 = 70 cm = 35 m ; additional dimensions are accessible on request for the channel depth, breadth and locator. The thickness of the creasing rule should be indicated at the time of order. Also available for the channel depths 0,3 mm, 0,4 mm and 0,5 mm as CITO ULTIMATE multi-pack with distinct normal dimensions. By the end of the year, additional sizes and kinds will be accessible.

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