Stainless steel cutting plates

PERIVO is committed to improving the durability and service lifetime of consumables and parts used in the flatbed die cutting process. Here are some of our innovations to increase durability at cost-effective prices.

Stainless steel cutting plates

As well as the standard type cutting plates (HRC 35 and HRC 48-50) and cutting chase plates for specific machine model, PERIVO supplies highly durable plates made of hardened and ground inox (stainless steel). This material extends the service life of the cutting plate by as much as 35% and reduces cleaning and maintenance of the die cutting section by up to 75%.

Stripping pins

PERIVO has extended size range for lower stripping pins. As well as the classic 15 mm elongated housing and 4 mm hardened needle, we offer a super slim stripping pin with 8 mm housing and 2.5 mm needle.


The newest development from PERIVO is the universal Quick-Lock system that fits all models of die cutting machines. The Quick-Lock system ensures rapid and precision positioning of the cutting die, stripping and blanking tools. Your machine is set up and fully operational in the minimum of time, and downtime for repositioning tools is greatly reduced.

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