LGT is now the choice for the diemaker who aims a prompt ROI on a multifunctional router.


LGT represent the evolution of one of our historic model, with countless of installed machine
Worldwide, now comes with new features and performance.
The new frame expressly designed for heavy duty processes combined with a new generation brushless motor grants a rapid axes displacement up to 70mt/min.
LGT is equipped with a high power spindle (32k rpm or 50k rpm) able to grant 24/7 production.
The accuracy is not in discussion; two sensors(Tool Length PreSetting and Nano Sensor XYZ) grant maximum precision on every material…
The Sophisticated Cutting Package (Rubber Cutting and SampleMaking) complete the offer for this top of range Diemaking Router..


ALR is the state-of-the-art Diemaking router.

No matter if a steel counter plate, embossing dies, pertinax or stripping dies have to be processed, the result is always the same: accuracy and reliability.
The fixed bridge and movable cutting bad grant reduced down-times during the tool changing(12 positions) that now is placed and transported at the end of the aluminum cutting bed.
The high frequency spindle makes this machine ideal for whatever hardness of steel counter plates non-ferrous material for embossing dies, like magnesium, brass, copper, etc.
A wide array of options are available for ALR: rubber cutting by an oscillating pneumatic or electric cutting head, or a complete samplemaking set with creaser, drag knife, pen.. make this model the most completed router available in the market.
An easy-to-use Die-crease measurement by a high technology 3D sensor allow to scan the dieboard before any steel counter is processed, ensuring a superior quality control on every dieboard lasered and knifed. More features like locating pins, customized vacuum areas, Diemaking database make the production on whatever material easy and fast.


The RBR’s family represent the latest state-of-the-art technology for the die-ejection rubber cutting on the Diemaking market.

RBR in each size available is the simplest way to get your die-ejection rubber quickly and economically.
The machine has featured with a sturdy frame, an easy to use dedicate software and overall a digital package of motor and drivers.
Its own reduced footprint and low processing noise emission makes RBR ideal also for office installation.
Fully Plug&Play. RBR’s will change your idea of reliable and incredibly affordable rubber cutter.
Now with new features like CameraSystem that give possibilities to the user look in the screen real position of the material on the work table and positioning job on it just look the monitor of the pc.


“Fast… incredible fast”

“Fast… incredible fast”, this is the motto of this new generation Diemaking waterjet from Delta Diemaking.
Strictly designed to meet the diemakers need, DELTAJET will change your idea of die-ejection rubber cutting. This model is extremely silent thanks to the sound insulation housing which also grant the minimum effort for the material’s LOADING/UNLOADING.
Get your rubber after the working process has never been easier thanks to the automatic front panel’s opening and a easy-to-access to the working table.
The machine can be equipped as option with magnetic linear drives witch grant the maximum axis speed of the market with 150mt/min and 2G of acceleration!
The working table is in Stanley steel honeycomb for long life, so DELTAJET have also less maintenance and is a “tailor-made” waterjet machine for diemakers.
A special swivel for automatic BevelCut, projector system, abrasive system complete the offer of this next generation equipment.
DELTAJET… quick as a flash… the die-ejection rubber cutting now is a matter of seconds!!!


PTX 1100 HD is the most reliable and cost-effective stand-alone option for phenolic counters(pertinax).

PTX 1100 HD is the most reliable and cost-effective stand-alone option for phenolic counters(pertinax).
Fast, accurate, with a last generation digital Z axis(high precision on the slot milling depth), this model grant a superior performance on every single counters produced. It has been equipped with 4 in-line spindles (Slot, Register Holes, Chamfering, Cutout) and a dedicated routing area; PTX 1100 HD will change your idea of pertinax counters production.
This model can be implemented with a powerful pneumatic or electric head for rubber cutting able to cut flat-bed and rotary die-ejection rubber achieving a performance never seen before in the blade cutting.
A SampleMaker pack is also available in order to complete the range of option offered on this last generation digital router;
Cardboard boxes will be cut and creased fastly and precisely.

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