Lasers for Diemaking industry



The LTF system is the most compact model of the Cutlite Penta production range for laser-cutting of die-boards for paper industry, since it represents the right solution for cardboard-boxes manufacturing companies (which produce die-boards in house) as well as for die-board manufacturing companies with medium-low production. Its working area of 1750×1250 mm allows carrying out all the most widespread formats in the die-board processing industry. The system motion is given by a movable bridge, on which the laser source is installed, which runs along the X-axis, and a cutting head running along the Y-axis.



The OF 2515 model is the one that has most consolidated its position over the time in the field of working flat elements for use in the paper industry. Its working area of 2500x1500mm covers all standard sizes of obtainable formats. The machine is made up of a moving table along two axes X and Y , and a fixed head that guarantees cutting regularity over the entire surface to be worked. Axes run along appropriate rails through the motion of servomotors and ball screws. Powers available range from 1000W to 3000W with the use of Slab Rofin Sinar sources. By increasing the laser source power, the cutting speed will also increase (continuous and/or pulse cutting), resulting in a higher production capacity of the machine.


OFRL Compact

The new Mod. OFRL Compact rotary laser cutting system sums up and meets all needs related to the working of curved elements for paper industry use, and thanks to its compact structure it is suitable for environments with narrow spaces. The OFRL Compact model can cut curved elements up to 3,000 mm of length, with a diameter ranging from 177 mm to 760 mm, by making use of laser sources with a power ranging from 1000W up to 3000W (Slab Rofin Sinar). By increasing the laser source power, the cutting speed will also increase (continuous and/or pulse cutting) resulting in a higher production capacity of the machine.



Combo systems can be carried out for workings on flat and rotary die-boards, by using the OF 2515 and/or Linear 1730 models for cutting flat die-boards combined with the OFRL Compact model for cutting rotary die-boards. The combo system is made up of two separate (flat and rotary) systems yet with a single source, in such a way as to limit the production costs and final sales price, and to meet the highest market requests. In the combo system, the laser source, through an appropriate deviator placed on its outlet, can send the laser beam to either the flat or rotary cutting system, based on the operator’s actual The flat and rotary systems of the combo may also be separated to work on die-boards independently, in case of need and/or increase in productivity, by installing a second source on either system.

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